Indus Water is partnering with Govardhan EcoVillage, an UN awarded EcoVillage to set up a first of its kind Centre of Excellence for Water and Wastewater. Adjoining the Govardhan EcoVillage in Wada, Palghar District of Maharashtra, India, the Centre of Excellence is envisioned to evolve into India’s first Water University within the next 5 years

The First Phase of the proposal is envisaged to be a Centre of Excellence of approximately 10,000 sq. feet located at the Govardhan Ecovillage at Palghar District, in Maharashtra, State of India. The support infrastructure of the village, a 100 acre fully developed UN award winning campus exists and its existing water conservation and management practices are an example to any visitor and is inspirational to the project. The Shri Chaitanya Seva Trust, the parent organisation of the Govardhan Eco Village, being an integral and senior partner in the venture of the Centre of Excellence shall be allocating property in the adjoining undeveloped area of the Govardhan Eco Village.


Innovative alternative energy based community water treatment system for safe drinking water

AuroPure is a low cost and low maintenance alternative energy based water treatment system, has been developed and tested by Affordable Water Solutions, Auroville (Tamil Nadu). The target was to develop an affordable and feasible solution for the safe drinking water needs of areas in without electricity and trained manpower. The AuroPure system is targeted to treat dirty water (high turbidity), water contaminated by microorganisms (protozoa, bacteria, viruses) and water with high levels of IRON, FLUORIDE AND ARSENIC.


The AuroPure system is based on a continuous water treatment process, using innovative coagulation/flocculation and disinfection technologies. A chlorine generating dosing unit is used for water disinfection. Needed energy will be delivered by integrated solar panels or wind power with a battery storage backup. As a fully automated unit, there is no need for a locally skilled operator. Data of the most important parameters of the treatment process are sent automatically from in build GSM/GPRS modem to the servicing organization in the surrounding. Coagulant, chlorine precursors ingredients have to be refilled every 2-4 month. Smart card ATM (RFID type) version available.

Efficiency in removal of contaminants
  • Protozoa 99.99% and better
  • Bacteria 99.9999% and better
  • Viruses 99.9999% and better
  • Removes turbidity from 1000 NTU to less than 5 NTU.
  • Iron more than 90%
  • Fluoride from 15 ppm to less than 1.5 ppm
  • Arsenic from 500 ppb to less than 10 ppb
  • Mercury from 600 ppb to less than 1 ppb
What is unique in our technology?
  • Required only 25 Watt of energy (1 solar panel only) to work.
  • Almost no waste of water if to compare to RO technology.
  • All contaminants as Fluoride and Arsenic getting in reaction with coagulant and converted to not toxic stage. Sludge with not toxic form Fluoride/Arsenic can be used for making breaks, repair the roads etc. It is environmentally stable under normal climactic condition and do not leach toxic elements.
  • Fully automated require no skilled manpower/operator.
  • Can be installed anywhere in one working days.
  • Cost for 1 litre of purified water 3 paisa. (30 Rs for 1000 liters).


Emergency Water Purifier sachets The new water treatment sachets “Emergency Water Purifier”

Indus promoted incubatee Affordable Water Solutions has produced a revolutionary product to treat contaminated water in emergency situations . During flooding on account of excessive rain the first major critical hazard is the contamination of drinking water . With the mixture of sewerage with drinking water the spread of disease in disaster situations is the main area of concern. This revolutionary product is simple to use and effective for most biological contaminations which are 95% of the contaminants in situations like the ones described above. Over that the sachets can also remove arsenic and fluoride from water.

Sachets advantages:
  • Excellent removal rate for  biological contamination.
  • Very effective to remove Fluoride, Iron, Arsenic and Mercury.
  • Mixing time after adding sachet content to water 1 min only.
  • In sachet formula preparation used advantages of modern inorganic coagulants such as Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) and Poly ferric sulphate (PFS). PAC has excellent property to remove from water turbidity and fluoride, PFS excellent coagulant to purify water from arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals.
  • Great flexibility packaging design. As basic version will be sold for 10 L and 20 L of water to be purified also available 5, 15, 25, 50 L of water packaging.
  • Instruction in the pouch can be easily exchange or add with the local language of any country there product will be sold.
  • Sludge does not have toxicity so after using sachet sludge can be disposed in a pit locally.

Now available type of sachets for 10 L of water.
10 L sachets placed and sealed in plastic pouch having size 12 x 7 cm, gross weight – 52 gr.
Size of each sachet – 7 x 5 cm, weight of water treatment chemicals inside each sachet – 4.0 gr.

Water contaminants can be removed by using sachets:
  • Physical contaminants: Turbidity from 1000 NTU to less than 5 NTU.
  • Biological contaminants: Protozoan parasite 99.9 % and better, bacteria 99.999% and better, viruses 99.999% and better.
  • Chemical contaminants: Arsenic (AsIII & AsV) from 700 ppb to less than 10 ppb level. Mercury from 1000 ppb to less than 1 ppb. Iron from 5 ppm to below 0.3 ppm level.  Fluoride from 5.0 ppm to less than 0.2 ppm.
Types of water that can be treated with Emergency Water Purifier
  • Bore well – water containing turbidity, contaminated with arsenic, mercury, iron and germs
  • Surface water – containing turbidity, organic matter and microbial contamination
  • Rain water – contaminated with suspended matter and turbidity
  • Flood water – organic matter, turbidity, microbial contamination 

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