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Indus Water Institute is a Private limited company registered in Mumbai, India. Indus is India’s pioneering Incubator and Accelerator focused entirely on the Water & Waste Water sector.

Indus Water Institute Pvt Ltd is jointly promoted by BSE Institute Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.

The Indus Incubator and Accelerator is clearly focused exclusively on Water & Waste Water Technologies from India, Israel, and the World.

Indus Water Institute envisions the Water Crisis gripping India as a need that requires urgent and aggressive intervention at all levels from Government, Private and International Cooperation.

Indus is engaging with knowledge partners from all sectors who can contribute to the mission it has undertaken humbly believing that more minds in the same direction can lead to a fulfillment of the vision at the urgent pace that is required.

Indus Water Institute has a set of principles that represent our philosophies and unique way of doing business. These principles are the foundation rule. Our principle of “2G” – Growth of Business by Growth of People. 2G is a virtuous circle where people drive the business growth, which in turn will provide our people the opportunity for advancement. We believe that sustained success can only come through people.


Our mission is creating an ecosystem that will support knowledge and technology, innovative and creative solution to solve the current water crisis that is facing India.

Our mission is to support new ideas and validate old technologies to bring them to the market. Several Indigenous technologies exist in villages in India and need revival, validation and marketing as they are time tested and operationally applicable to the Indian context. Losing these technologies to technology that is not applicable in the Indian Ecosystem is a tragedy of our times.

  • We believe in supporting the creation of an ecosystem that stimulates creativity and innovation in the water and waste water sector.
  • We endeavor to support incubates to reach their goals in the shortest possible time. Generate opportunities for them to receive financial support.
  • We believe in the importance of our work and the nobility of our business. Offering mentorship, networking, and business development counselling.


Our vision is to create a viable finance system which will not only create incentive but also give opportunity for entrepreneurs to counter this very fundamental water challenge.

Our vision is to inspire entrepreneurs and give them opportunities to realize their full potential without discrimination or lack of access to necessary tools to manifest their ideas into practicably applicable solutions.


We believe that the world runs on water

70% of the Human Body is made of Water .Water is a key natural resource for human survival. Water plays a vital role in sanitation for our rural and urban communities. Water is also an important economic resource. It is necessary for all forms of agriculture and most of the industrial production processes.

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